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Conversation—the interchange through speech of information, ideas etc; the spoken communication

Hello! I’m Joanne Garner, offering  Coaching, Psychotherapy and Counselling in mid-Sussex since 1991. I'm now based in Ardingly.

I help  people change their lives through  changing their communications, that is, changing the conversations they have. A 'conversation' may be with another person,  or it might be one of those imaginary conversations we have inside our heads, before or after the event!

A problem with many conversations is that if we expect them to go badly, they  probably will. If we expect them to go well, but they don't, this is where an internal dialogue starts: we go over and over what was or wasn't said, try to figure out what went wrong, perhaps look for someone or something to blame, or may assume it must be our fault  and there's nothing we can do to put things right. Either way, we end up feeling confused, angry or hurt, and our energies will be affected in a negative direction.

On the other hand, if we expect a conversation to go well and it does, because we've been clear about our intentions, desired outcomes,  and have expressed ourselves courteously and firmly, we're likely to experience an increase in energy, with an enhanced sense of confidence and self esteem.  Its  reasonable therefore to conclude that maximising the chances of conversations going well improves not only our effectiveness in the moment but also our sense of wellbeing. A tangible benefit of  effective conversations is reducing the personal, social and business cost of poor communication.

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